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Food for thought & more!

Food is our common ground,   a universal experience.   James Beard         These active hooligans, cousins all, put the brakes on when it came to refueling. Maloneys represented here include the Dusbabek, Bohner, Bill Maloney, & Doc Maloney families. Only Barb Bohner, the book worm in the far back right, chose food for thought!   Food was a tradition in itself when I was   growing up. My grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles endured the Great Depression and its after-effects. No one ever took food for granted after that. Scarce times brought out the creativity in the cooks in my family. I enjoyed their culinary gifts throughout my life, either first-hand or through my mother’s cooking.   The matriarchs worked their magic, turning morsels into meals. And we ate those meals with great relish because we never snacked between meals. As good Catholics, we ate meatless on

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