Pretty in Pink

In 1932 my mother, age 3, posed for this photo on the front porch of the home where she grew up. Some things never change. The family farm in Erin Prairie, Wisconsin, where this was taken, is still in the family after 165 years. And the way she clasps her hands in this picture continues to be the way she clasps them today as a 90-year old woman.

Week 2's theme is "Favorite Photo." This should be a fun week! What is a favorite family photo of yours? If you're thinking, "Oh, but I don't have any old family photos," remember that you are a part of your family history! It doesn't have to be a photo of a great-great-great-grandfather. What about a favorite photo of someone in a more recent generation, like your parents, siblings, or even yourself. Why is it a favorite photo? What is the story behind it?


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