The Best Advice Ever

How do you feel about advice? Do you like it better when you’re giving it or receiving it? Do you prefer unsolicited advice, professional advice, personal advice, or no advice at all? 

When advice comes my way, I prefer to take what I like and leave the rest. However, New York Times readers annually report what they like and share the best advice they ever received. Here are some of their answers published at the end of 2023:

       Dave Clarke, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, replied, Keep   a running list of the nicest things anyone has ever said to or about you. It’s a lifesaver on days when the world is getting the best of you. 

       From Bill Chappell in Atlanta — If everyone is driving you crazy, then the feeling is probably mutual. 

       Kathryn Cunningham of Carrboro, North Carolina, told NYT, We are all juggling so many balls. Differentiate between glass balls and rubber balls — and don’t be afraid to drop the rubber balls. 

       Every time you receive a box containing something you bought online, fill it with items to donate, was the advice that appealed to Christina Poynter from Dimondale, Michigan.

       Anonymous took to heart the words of a Finnish proverb advising, Until the food is ready, feed your guest with words. 

       Abby Thomas from New Canaan, Connecticut, submitted, Life is too short not to tell the people you love that you love them. 

        The lightbulb advice for Margaret Johnson in Dunedin, Florida was, Retire from your job, not from life.

       And, finally, Cathy de la Cruz from Brooklyn, New York, shared, Before doing something, ask yourself, “Is this something that someone who loves themselves would do?” 

I’m not the New York Times, but I’d love to know the best advice you have ever received. Leave your best advice in comments.


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