Who's your superhero?


Do you need a Superhero in your life? Well, don’t dismay—help is on the way. In fact, it’s closer than you think. “Wait,” you wonder, “is Superman just around the corner? Is Wonder Woman about to come through my front door?” Nope. Your Superhero is even closer than that. It’s you!


Don’t get humble on me now. You have all the qualities it takes to be your own hero. One thing you and Superheroes have in common is that you’re human.


Superheroes take their human characteristics to a higher level and turn them into Superpowers. Perhaps Clark Kent’s listening skills as a reporter led to his Superman Superpower of sonic hearing. Likewise, perhaps the high-powered jobs Diana Prince had gave her the Wonder Woman Superpower of strength. So, what human characteristic could you turn into a Superpower? It’s important to consider because Superheroes’ Superpowers help them save themselves before they save others. It could do the same for you.


In 1998, my then 13-year-old daughter entered an essay contest to write about “a woman hero for the 90s.” She captured the top prize out of 3,000 entries with this reflection:


My female hero for the ‘90s is myself. I’m not trying to sound conceited or anything, but it’s true. I’m my own hero because I set my own goals and accomplish them. And if I don’t, then I use self-discipline and try harder next time to achieve that goal.


Also, I can learn from myself. I learn from experience because no one has ever done the exact same things in their life as I will. After all, we are all different in our own unique way, which helps us in life. That’s why I’m my own hero.


Another reason I’m my own hero is that I’m not famous. You don’t need to be famous to be a hero; you just need to be yourself.


My daughter was a Superhero then and continues to be just that today. She turned her human striving into her Superpower of Endurance to get things done.


So, why not start thinking about one of your human characteristics you could turn into a Superpower. And when you come up with one, take another page from the Superhero’s book and add something fun and powerful to your wardrobe—a cape.


Use inspiring words, colors, and designs that will show the world the Superhero you are. And if you don’t want to make one to wear, draw one and hang it up as a reminder of the Superhero you are!


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