Sweet Surrender


Last week this anonymous quote caught my attention. It said: “Today, I will take the path to personal freedom and serenity that begins when I surrender.” What do you think about the phrase, “I surrender?” Do you ever use those words? Does it make you shiver just thinking about using them?


I think our culture has given the act of surrendering a bad rap. Most often, it’s seen as an act of cowardice. And people who do it are seen as giving up or being weak. I beg to differ with those opinions. 


I think surrendering is an act of bravery. Surrender happens when someone is overwhelmed by something. Those who do it are strong, not weak. It’s not about giving up; it’s about stepping up. To be able to step up, face yourself, and admit you no longer have the capacity to keep doing that overwhelming something requires courage.


Surrendering is also an act of acceptance. When it comes to saying, “I surrender,” you need to leave your ego at the door. It’s a time to realize you’re not in control of everything that comes your way in life. Of course, you have your part to play in much of it, but release the parts that aren’t yours. Surrender by letting go without dragging any blame or shame with you. Instead, carry your gifts with you and walk toward something where you can use them to better serve yourself and others.


And then you will discover that, at its center, surrender will bring you serenity and personal freedom.


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