The 18-inch Rule

Are you familiar with the 18-inch rule? It’s the space between your head and your heart. And while that’s close enough to form a strong connection, sometimes that 18 inches can seem galaxies apart. How do you experience that distance between the two? Do you live in one space more than the other, or do you flit from head to heart and back again depending on the circumstances of your life? Here’s a story Irish author, John Scally, told in his book, Waiting in Joy :


Head said: ‘I am full of bright ideas.’


Heart said: ‘I am full of tenderness and passion.’


Head said: ‘I am reason. I am order. I am the lynchpin which holds everything together.’


Heart said: ‘I am feeling. I am mystery. I am the creative energy which sparks wonder and authentic life.’


Then Head and Heart began to squabble.


Head said: ‘You are easily swayed and misled. You live in a world without order.’


Heart replied: ‘You are dispassionate and detached. You don’t live. You just exist.’


So, Head and Heart went to God and asked if they could be split up. God laughed at them and said: ‘You two belong together. Apart you are worthless. Head, you are the container. Heart, you are the contents. The container without the contents is as useless as an empty vessel, all sham and no substance. The contents without the container will scatter to the ends of the earth, and blow into the empty wind. It’s not possible for you to live apart and have productive lives.’


Head and Heart were puzzled: ‘But we are total opposites. How can we find harmony?’ God said: ‘Draw close and embrace like lovers. Protect each other. Look out for each other. Help each other to be equal partners. Then you will join together as one and I promise you something fantastic and wonderful will happen.’


At this Head and Heart asked in unison: ‘What?’


God simply smiled and said: ‘Wait and see.’


So, heads up. Is 18 inches from  your heart close enough to make a connection? Or is it a chasm that causes you concern you might miss the mark and fall into a deep canyon? Close the gap between your head and your heart today. Then wait and see what that fantastic and wonderful something is that that God promises.


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