Celebrate Everything!

Some of the best advice I get in life comes from t-shirts. One of my favorites is: Until further notice, celebrate everything! Candice suggested many ways to celebrate autumn this past weekend. That’s easy because it’s my favorite season of the year.  


Sometimes we can look at what’s coming up on our calendars and plan ways to celebrate them. Birthdays, anniversaries, reunions. Those, and many other occasions, are things we can prepare to celebrate ahead of time.


But the challenge to “celebrate everything” may be more difficult for those things we don’t receive advance notice about. So perhaps the instructions on the t-shirt need an edit: Until further notice—and without notice—celebrate everything! Look at it as a spontaneous celebration—a moment-to-moment merriment.


When we’re having a good day, it may be easier to find merriment at the moment than when our day isn’t going so well. So, to begin practicing celebrating everything, it’s a good idea to start with the good days. But always remember, whether we have a good, bad, or ugly day, nothing should stop us from celebrating. 


There is a magic ingredient we all have access to that can make anything into a celebration. It’s gratitude. 


Think of something you’re grateful for when you’re having a bad moment. Celebrate that. However, sometimes bad moments can overshadow what we’re thankful for. Be ready for times like that by filling up a gratitude jar and keeping it nearby. When you’re unable to think of something to celebrate, reach in and pull out something that’s a cause for celebration!


If you’re grateful for ice cream, celebrate by scooping some up. Perhaps you’re a music fan. There’s nothing better than playing your favorites and singing along. Or, start moving your feet to the music and have your own personal dance party. Celebrate your gratitude for nature with a long walk. You can change the most hectic days into better ones when you celebrate what you’re grateful for. 


When the word “celebrate” entered the lexicon in the sixteenth century, it meant to “commemorate or honor with demonstrations of joy.” So why wouldn’t we want to do that every moment of our lives? Don’t delay—begin today. Until further notice—and without notice—celebrate everything!  



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