Be a Blessing

I see blessings as gifts calling each of us to be a blessing. Our own blessings can inspire us to be a blessing to others.

There are many ways to do this. It could be as simple as offering a kind word to someone having a bad day or as complex as dedicating your life to helping others through charitable work or public service. Whatever form it takes, the key is to recognize that the blessings we receive are not meant to be hoarded or kept to ourselves but to be shared with others.


And in recognizing that, we adopt a mindset of gratitude and service. Noticing we have been given much in life makes us eager to use our blessings to serve others. This can be a powerful force for good, as each person who embraces this mindset has the potential to touch countless lives in positive ways.


One example that comes to mind is my friend Jim’s gift of music. He played in a folk group whose songs blessed crowds for many years. And it wasn’t always about entertainment. Often the group would perform to raise revenue for charitable causes. Now retired, when weather permits, Jim brings his guitar to his front yard in Minneapolis once a week. He holds a sing-along for young children from a local preschool, uplifting and blessing them with his music.


Of course, being a blessing to others is not always easy. Sometimes we are tired, stressed, or overwhelmed. It can be challenging to summon the energy and enthusiasm necessary to make a meaningful impact. However, even in these moments, we can draw strength from the blessings we have received, knowing that our efforts can make a real difference in the lives of others.


So, if you believe that your blessings are a gift calling you to be a blessing, open yourself up to a world of opportunities to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Even when it’s not easy, it is always worth it. By sharing your blessings rather than hoarding them, you not only become a blessing to others, you make the world a better place, one person at a time. 



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