Be Amazed with Life

In 2003, Minneapolis writer and artist, Jodi Hills, published a book entitled I am amazed: take a look around and you will be too. This is my go-to book whenever I forget to be amazed and inspired by the humans I share this planet this with. Today, I give you just a taste of what Hills wrote in this book:


It wasn’t that Fred Astaire did things that no one else could or can. . .but it was the ease in each step, the seemingly effortless grace that carried him. . .that’s what I admire.


As one who stumbles over my own heart and mind every day, I am amazed and filled with admiration for those Astaire-like qualities that dance all around me.


I admire those who wake each morning and find a reason to smile, and then give you theirs for no reason at all


I am amazed by those who show up, who reach out, and who look within


I admire the vulnerable hero, those unwilling to be victims, and the losers who play again and again, just for fun


I admire those who plant, who nurture, who create and grow


I admire the patient who take risks, and the risk-takers with patience


I am amazed by those who walk the daily high-rope without looking down


I admire those who trust, and even more, those who give us reason to


I admire those who give direction without “should-haves” and “supposed-tos”


I admire the teachers who listen, and the listeners who teach


I admire those who forgive, and I am amazed by those who have forgiven me


I am amazed at the wisdom of the young and the playfulness of the aged, and I admire those who dare the untimely roles of each.


I admire the lost who keep looking, and I’m amazed by those who keep looking for the lost


Mostly I admire you,

It’s you who amaze me

You lovers and losers,

You faithful and hopeful spirits of playfulness, wisdom and strength

You who show up every day and dance


It’s you I admire, and I am happily, joyfully and gratefully amazed


Reader, who or what amazes you? Who or what do you admire? Take a look around, and you will be amazed.



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