Gobble! Gobble!

Just before Thanksgiving, I enjoyed a visit from Gobble the Grateful Thanksgiving Turkey. Gobble was on his annual nationwide tour, taking stock of what people are grateful for. The thankful turkey’s delight with what I’m grateful for caused him to leave behind the following note: 

Dear Beloved Readers,

Gobble the Grateful Thanksgiving Turkey here, extending my wings in appreciation and joy! As the ambassador of gratitude, my heart overflows with thanks for each of you who tunes in to the This Woman’s Ragged Gospel blog.

In the spirit of the season, I want to express my deepest thanks to the individual working behind the scenes who shares inspiration, encouragement, and humor that resonates with you. Your engagement warms her heart, making her feel like the most cherished bird in the coop!

Every click on our blog is like a melody of goodwill, and your comments are the lyrics that make her heart flutter with delight. Her words are the stuffing that fills her soul with warmth, and your kindness is the cranberry sauce that sweetens her journey with you. Your readership is the gravy that enriches the flavor of that shared experience, making it all the more meaningful.

So, whether you’re sipping coffee or settling into a cozy reading nook, know that your presence on This Woman’s Ragged Gospel is the secret ingredient that makes this community an extraordinary place. From the depths of my turkey heart, thank you for making this blog a haven of hope, laughter, and encouragement.

May your days be filled with the warmth of friendship, the joy of gratitude, and the deliciousness of all life’s good things.

Gobble, gobble, and many heartfelt thanks,

Gobble the Grateful Thanksgiving Turkey 

Reader, it’s true. Each of you keeps this blog going. Your clicks and comments mean the world to me. You make every day Thanksgiving for me. With deep gratitude, I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving. 


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