Ode to the Day after Christmas!

Oh, the day after Christmas, so calm and so clear, 

When the chaos subsides, and peace draws near. 

The frenzy has ended, the rush is all done,

 Now's the time to bask in the after-glow sun.


The stockings once hung by the chimney with care, 

Now lay a bit droopy, their contents all bare. 

Yet the memories they hold, both merry and bright, 

Illuminate our hearts on this tranquil night.


Leftovers abound, in the fridge they reside,

Turkey and stuffing, a festive yuletide. 

With each savory bite, we fondly recall, 

The joy of the feast, the laughter of all.


The tree, once a beacon of shimmer and glow,

Stands proud yet a tad tired, its needles hang low. 

But beneath its green boughs, memories still cling tight, 

Of children's wide eyes and the purest delight.


Gifts once wrapped with precision and bows so neat, 

Now lay torn asunder, at the children's feet. 

Yet beyond the ripped paper and boxes askew, 

Lies the love and the thought, each present imbued.


In the streets, there's a hush, a soft lullaby tune, 

As if nature itself sighs beneath the bright moon. 

For the day after Christmas, in its gentle embrace, 

Whispers tales of contentment, of a slower-paced chase.


It's a day for reflection, for gratitude's song, 

For the blessings we've known, for where we belong. 

For amidst the torn paper, the chaos, the fun, 

Lies the heart of the season, when all's said and done.


So, here's to the day that offers new sight, 

When the world seems to pause in soft candlelight. 

For the day after Christmas, in its own quiet way, 

Is a treasure, a gem, a sweet new day.


Listener, last evening many sang “all is calm, all is bright.” On this evening, go forth knowing that   today all is calm and all is right.


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