Meet What-If

Are you aware of the What-If character who lives in your mind? Perhaps you’ve never been introduced, but you’ll recognize What-If once you hear this story.


There’s a peculiar character known as What-if who exists in the depths of the human imagination. What-if is uniquely able to conjure up endless possibilities and explore alternate realities. However, What-if is not a single entity but a duality with both a good and bad side.


The good side of What-if is a beacon of hope and creativity. It revels in imagining extraordinary scenarios that push the boundaries of what is possible. It asks questions that spark innovation and inspires people to think beyond the confines of their current existence. The good side of What-if encourages exploration and embraces the unknown, believing that every What-if could lead to a brighter future.


On the other hand, the bad side of What-if is a mischievous and cynical counterpart. It revels in the chaos that its dark imagination can sow. It whispers doubts and fears into the ears of those who dare to dream, filling their minds with what-ifs that douse the flames of ambition. The bad side of What-if delights in tearing down dreams, leaving nothing but despair in its wake.


Every day, the two sides of What-if engage in a tug-of-war in human minds. The good side fights to inspire and uplift, while the bad seeks to hinder and destroy. Their battles are fierce, but neither can fully eliminate the other. It is the perpetual dance between hope and doubt, creation and destruction.


Unaware of this inner turmoil, humans unknowingly become vessels for What-if’s influence. Some fall victim to the bad side, drowning in doubts and what-ifs that paralyze their potential. Others are uplifted by the good side, embracing the power of What-if to shape their realities and achieve great things.


Ultimately, What-if’s duality are a reminder of the delicate balance within every individual. It serves as a reminder that the power of imagination can be both a force for good and a potential source of self-sabotage. It is up to each person to choose which side of What-if they will listen to and let guide their lives. The battle between the two personalities of What-if rages on, hidden within the depths of human minds, shaping humanity’s destiny.


Listener, does this character sound familiar to you. If it does, the next time What-if shows up for you, listen to both sides of what it has to say to you. Then follow the course that will serve you best.


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