Take a risk!

When was the last time you took a risk? It doesn’t require putting yourself in harm’s way. Simply open yourself to new possibilities. Too often, we choose to play it safe. Doing that can stunt our growth and make our world smaller. You don’t have to take big risks. Even small ones can make a big difference. 

Risk-taking requires curiosity, a sense of adventure, and a bit of bravery. Begin by exploring your world—at home or outside—to discover things you have never noticed or encountered. And, remember, risk-taking doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. 


If a new task you’ve set for yourself seems too difficult or frightening, engage someone else’s help with it. It will energize your risk-taking work and make it feel safer. After all, it’s always comforting to know a companion is near to catch or console you if you fall or fail.


You don’t have to start big. Stick your big toe into the waters of risk to warm up to it. 

  • Try unfamiliar food. 
  • Visit a new neighborhood. 
  • Introduce yourself to someone new. 
  • Go on an adventure. 
  • Volunteer to do something you haven’t done before. 


Whatever it may be, take a chance on the unknown. Eventually, you’ll jump into the waters of risk with both feet.


When you take risks, you will celebrate new accomplishments and learn new skills. You will also discover how to survive minor injuries to the ego when you dare to try something and don’t succeed immediately. Sometimes, you glow with delight or grow glum from your failure. But as my 8-year-old grandson said this  after losing his baseball team lost their season opener, “Well, it was just our first game. And, at least, we tried.”


And that’s the point of risk-taking. It’s about trying, and sometimes the trials of it increase our resilience and resolve. It also diminishes our resistance to trying something new. Risk-taking is humbling and enlightening and often gives us new insights into ourselves. So, this week, do one new thing that’s a little outside your comfort zone to see what benefits you can reap.


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