Grateful expectations

Are you a grateful receiver? It’s a simple concept. When someone gives you a gift, don’t say, “Oh, you shouldn’t have.” Instead, say, “Thank you.” When someone compliments you, don’t say, “Oh, it’s nothing.” Say, “Thank you.”


Even though being a grateful receiver is a simple concept, it can be a problematic practice. Of course, none of us wants to intentionally discount what we receive. It’s just that we’re caught off guard. We don’t expect the gift, the compliment, or the favor someone gives us because, deep down, we don’t believe we deserve it; we don’t think we’re loved that much.


And it's even more challenging to be a grateful receiver if you aren’t an expectant receiver. Expectant receivers have no reluctance receiving and are rarely surprised by it. On the contrary, they are ready to receive enthusiastically. Consider this story about an expectant receiver:


As a drought continued for an eternity, a small community of farmers was in a quandary about what to do. Rain was necessary to keep their crops healthy and sustain the townspeople’s way of life.


As the problem became more serious, a local pastor called a prayer meeting to ask for rain. Many people arrived. The pastor greeted most of them as they filed in. As he walked to the front of the church to officially begin the meeting, he noticed most people were chatting across the aisles and socializing with friends.


When he reached the front, his thoughts were on quieting the attendees and starting the meeting. His eyes scanned the crowd. He noticed an eleven-year-old girl sitting quietly in the front row as he asked for quiet. Her face was beaming with excitement.


Next to her, poised and ready for use, was a bright red umbrella. The little girl’s innocence made the pastor smile as he realized how much faith she possessed. No one else in the congregation had brought an umbrella. All came to pray for rain, but the little girl had come expecting God to answer.


What are your expectations? Do you have faith enough to be ready to receive? If you do, you can count yourself as an expectant receiver, which will most likely make you a grateful receiver.



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