Sometimes it's good to go big or go home

Have you ever made a mountain out of a molehill?  It’s when we build a small problem or situation into a mountain. By the time we’re done shoveling our resentments, anger, fear, and anything else that’s handy, onto that molehill, we have an unscalable mountain, with little hope of solving our problem.

It’s a miserable experience, so I’m calling on you to eliminate this practice by turning it on its head. Don’t react to insignificant events by turning them into mountains that overshadow your life.

Instead, the next time you see a molehill, look for its potential to bring you joy, happiness, serenity, contentment, and peace. Then, when you discover the significance of your molehill, turn it into a mountain that reflects its magnificence.

That’s what a girl named Emily did. One day, she was walking through a park when she stumbled upon a molehill. At first, she barely noticed it. But then she began thinking about how to turn this molehill into something extraordinary.

Emily enlisted her friends to help make a mountain out of the molehill. They all worked together, digging up dirt and shaping it into a small mound. As they worked, Emily talked about all the positive things that could come from this little project. She spoke about how they could plant flowers and trees on the mound, creating a beautiful garden for everyone to enjoy.

As they continued working, Emily’s enthusiasm spread to her friends. They started to see the potential in this small project and how it could bring joy and beauty to the community. So they worked tirelessly, shaping the dirt into a miniature mountain.

Eventually, the mound was finished, and Emily’s vision became a reality. They planted flowers and trees on the mountain, and it soon became a popular spot. People came to admire the beautiful mountain and the flowers that grew on it.

Emily’s project brought people together and delighted the community. What had started as a small molehill became a beautiful mountain because Emily had focused on the situation’s positive potential.

From that day on, Emily always sought ways to bring people together and create something beautiful, even out of the most minor things. Her hopeful outlook and the ability to see the good in everything inspired those around her to do the same.


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