Give it a rest!

I have a suggestion for you — Give it a rest! I’m not telling you to stop harping about a particular topic, cease your relentless pursuit of an idea, or quit your never-ending chatter about something already said, done, or decided.

Take what I say at face value by taking a rest. But be careful. There is a subtle difference between just doing nothing and resting. You know, like the difference between eating a delicious piece of cherry pie or gulping down a bowl of plain bland oatmeal.


When we give it a rest, we acknowledge that our brains, like overworked circus performers, need a break from constantly juggling thoughts and ideas. It’s like hitting the pause button on the carousel of thoughts that spins relentlessly in our minds. Rest is like stretching out on a hammock under the shade of a swaying palm tree, where our thoughts can drift gently like fluffy clouds on a summer’s day.


Rest is a refuge from the cacophony of life, a sanctuary for our restless souls. It’s where we can sip from the cup of tranquility and nourish our minds with the elixir of peace. While doing nothing is akin to watching paint dry, resting is more like taking a slow, leisurely stroll through a meadow of wildflowers, feeling the soft breeze caress our cheeks.


In a world that glorifies hustle and celebrates the relentless pursuit of success, give it a rest reminds us that there’s beauty in pausing, a sweet melody in the silence between the notes. Resting allows us to recharge to gather strength for the adventures ahead.


So, the next time someone tells you to “give it a rest,” kick back, put your feet up, and let your thoughts unwind like a kite soaring high in the sky. When you fall into the gentle embrace of rest, you’ll find the magic that makes life’s journey more delightful.


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