There's more than one way to bend

Are you flexible? Being flexible is a willingness to relax your resistance to something and take another look.


Here are some ways you can do that:


Be easy on yourself. If you suddenly find yourself in a situation you weren’t planning on, cut yourself a little slack as your new reality sinks in. When your world gets turned upside down, it can take a little time to regain your footing. 


Don’t let your brain put your fear into overdrive. Fear causes irrational thinking, which may lead to viewing a situation as “life over” when it’s not. Your life as you have known it may be over. But it’s just going to be different. Not worse, and, very possibly, even better.


Take a moment to breathe—deeply and often. We humans are wired for certainty and like to think we have it. And when we don’t, that causes anxiety. Often, just a few deep breaths can do the trick to release the stress we’re feeling at any given moment.


Find reasons to celebrate change. During the dramatic change brought by pandemic many found cause for celebration, including grocery delivery services, making new connections with old friends, the less frantic pace of this new normal.


Choose faith over fear. Operating from faith rather than fear profoundly shifts our experiences.


Refocus on what you’re gaining instead of losing with new changes in your life.  Napoleon Hill once said, “Within every adversity lays the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Remain patient and persistent, knowing some seeds take longer to grow than we’d ideally like.


Change your perspective to reframe your reactions. How we look at and react to change can impact how we get through it. Navigate the unexpected by viewing it as a “plot twist” or “unplanned adventure” in the story of your life.


When facing challenges, my good friend often says, “If you can’t change it, embrace it.” And when you’re flexible, you will bend, not break. You’ll also find that you can embrace more than you ever could.


Someone once said, “If you’re infinitely flexible, you’ll be constantly amazed.” Why not try it?



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