Let's get silly

Are there words that have vacated your vocabulary that you want to reclaim? I’ve got one — it’s silly. Don’t get me wrong. The word I want to reclaim isn’t silly; silly is the word I want to reclaim.

You see, “silly” used to be the crown jewel of descriptive terms. It was the Swiss Army knife of adjectives, fitting into any conversation like butter on popcorn. If you dropped an ice cream cone on your brand-new shoes, you’d chuckle and say, “Oh, how silly of me!” If you found yourself engrossed in a goofy romantic comedy movie marathon on a Friday night, you’d declare it a “silly indulgence.” And those wild moments of dancing alone in your room? Your actions are beautifully summed up with a single word: “silly.”


But somewhere along the way, “silly” seems to have taken an extended vacation from our conversations. It’s like it packed its bags, slipped out the back door, and left us with a dull void where once lived an expression that could turn mundane moments into joyful anecdotes. Perhaps it was overshadowed by more flashy vocabulary, or maybe it just wanted a break from the limelight.


Well, I say it’s time to welcome “silly” back with open arms. Let’s throw a grand “Welcome Back, Silly!” party and celebrate its return to our linguistic landscape. After all, why should we settle for overused words like “ridiculous,” “absurd,” or “nonsensical” when “silly” can effortlessly capture the essence of the moment?


Imagine the possibilities—a world where a toddler’s gleeful laughter is not just cute but silly-cute. A world where failed attempts at DIY projects become a badge of honor for embracing the silly side of life. A world where we don’t take ourselves too seriously and can revel in the sheer absurdity of existence.


So, let’s embark on a mission to reclaim “silly.” Let’s sprinkle it into conversations, emails, and even formal presentations, reminding the world that life doesn't have to be a stoic march; it’s a whimsical dance filled with opportunities to be, well, silly. Let’s revive the mirthful magic that only “silly” can conjure and spread the joy one chuckle at a time. After all, the world could use a little more silliness, don’t you think?


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